Judea Harvest

Mobilizing has become a buzzword among church leaders recently. The word is normally used to describe the process in which the local church is challenged to become actively involved in evangelism. This is quite suitable because the term mobilizing is defined as preparing forces for action: to organize people or resources in order to be ready for action or in order to take action, especially in a military or civil emergency, or to be organised for his purpose.

Mobilizing a local church involves a number of practical features. The aim of this concise memo is to provide some of these practical features as a guideline in mobilizing the local church. First, it is important to understand that God needs the local church in reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ. Though, this might sound strange, one must not forget that the command to spread the Gospel was given to the church and has never been altered.

  • The first parameter then in mobilizing is obedience to the call of the church. A huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of the believers to get the Good News to the lost, and we simply have to be obedient to this call.
  • Awakening this obedience can be fueled by starting active prayer actions, praying for the local city or area. Highlighting the challenges and needs of the city can create certain valuable information regarding some of our major metropolitans in South Africa. Believers normally start to react on the awareness and this is one of the first steps in mobilizing.
  • The next step is to prepare the forces for action, and this requires planning and resources. At this level, believers must be equipped with tools, which will aid them in spreading the Gospel.
  • Judea Harvest therefore, is more than willing to offer some of these tools as service to the local church. They include:
  • Prayer Strategies and Prayer Altars, GPS Research Results Regarding Major Cities, Evangelism Training, Church Planting Training and Marquee Tents for Church Planting Purposes.
  • When all this is done, the local church normally takes up the challenge to move out into the harvest field, resulting in church planting.
  • Judea can assist anyone who is interested in this process.

Working together to reach the lost is our heartbeat in Judea Harvest. We have joined hands with more than 3000 churches since 1999, and have witnessed how this unity has influenced communities. The result is that more than 3000 new tent churches have been planted in more than 20 African countries. We at Judea believe that believers can make a difference in our societies, and Africa can be saved.