The three phases in your finances ©

Today I would like to share with you the three different phase’s people experience in their finances.  We know that there are people who live in abundance  – they, actually have “more than enough”, we find those who are blessed and have enough in life, but then those who does not have enough in life.

When we look at the above-mentioned “categories” it reminds us of three phases or places, where Gods’ children found themselves to be, in the Old Testament.  Firstly the place called EGYPT, secondly there was the time in the wilderness (or desert) and lastly the placed  – called Canaan.


  • Egypt represents a worldly system
  • In Egypt you work hard, big cities are built  – but it is never yours
  • You work overtime, find a part-time job, trying to get through the month
  • When you live in Egypt money becomes the main aim in your life, it is almost like if it becomes your boss
  • When God takes you out of Egypt, you will never walk out empty handed


  • Interestingly enough, it only took God one night to take the people out of EGYPT, but it took Him 40 years to get EGYPT out of the people!
  • The first thing the people did with their money was to build a golden calf.  We read in Exodus 25, God wanted them to built Him a sanctuary
  • When you are in the wilderness you will have enough money, but it will never be MORE THAN ENOUGH
  • Every day, you will have bread and meat, but if you get more than what you need it will go sour
  • Most children of God find themselves to be in the wilderness or desert
  • When they experience some kind of blessing from God, they think that they have made it and that they are at their best
  • The fact it GOD wants us to have MORE THAN ENOUGH for He is EL SHADDAI


  • It CANAAN you will have cities which you’ve never built
  • In CANAAN you will not just experience but KNOW God is more than enough
  • However, you will also find giants and fortified cities in CANAAN, and therefore you will have to follow in God’s pattern to be in control, and to take hold of these cities

I want to encourage you to move out of EGYPT. We are no longer slaves.  When you move into the wilderness it will go better, but it will still not be the best for you.   Move into CANAAN, so that you can receive blessings – to become a blessing, in order to be a blessing.  Remember, Jesus said it is far better to give than to receive!

Till next time

God bless

Dr. Danie Reynecke

Judea Harvest COO

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